'Your Ideas Your Initiatives' competition
Teens 15 to 17 years old

'Your Ideas Your Initiatives' competition

The Your Ideas, Your Initiatives international competition was started in 2011, building on the launch of the programme and its methodology. It notably targets classes of 15 to 17 year-old pupils (recommended age).

Why a competition?

In addition to the local campaign that the pupils develop under the programme, entering the competition gives them a sense of involvement in a project of international scope, and therefore of contributing to a global campaign to improve road safety and sustainable mobility.

The competition is an opportunity for them to showcase their work to a much wider audience. All entries are published on the Safety and Mobility For All website, and shared via the programme’s Facebook and Twitter account.

The Initiatives section compiles all entries and acts as a central catalogue of group school projects on road safety and sustainable mobility.

It gives people an opportunity to find out about projects run by other classes, in other contexts. Schools from four continents have already taken part in the competition, with more than 12 500 pupils involved.

Healthy competition stimulates pupils; they invest more energy in it.

The selection criteria get them to focus on aspects they otherwise would not work on and encourage them to develop a rigorous approach; they therefore build up their “ability to act”.

Registering for the competition enables the programme’s educational adviser to follow the classes taking part and offer them support throughout their work.




Be inspired by their school stories

When and how?

The competition takes place every year. It is free to enter.

Teachers are asked to work with their classes between November and mid-May, according to what suits their school timetable. 6-8 weeks is the recommended time to spend working on the project, but this all depends on your constraints. The deadline for submitting entries is 15 May 2020.

A panel of road safety and sustainable mobility education experts selects the best entries based on the criteria set out. The results are announced in June, with the winning and finalist schools receiving Prizes.

The rules on taking part must be accepted in order to enter.

If you would like to be contacted by the programme’s educational adviser, or for any other information, please visit the Contact page.