How to participate

How to participate

The Your Ideas, Your Initiatives international competition has a very flexible approach that can be adapted for different situations and different class timetables. This page briefly outlines the steps you and your class can follow to take part in the international competition.

1- Create an account

This will only take a few minutes, and you can do it once you’ve decided to enter – even before you’ve planned your initiative, by creating an account and filling in the short registration form.

Once registered, you’ll have access to your account and be able to change it at any time.

2- THINK ABOUT road safety and sustainable mobility – “Your Ideas”

You’ll find tips and resources in the Recommendations for teachers, which outline the group-based educational approach and how to implement it in your school.

You are encouraged to work with the pupils on thinking about the key issues related to road safety and sustainable mobility in the immediate surroundings of the school and/or wider community. The programme provides suggestions on how to examine a series of questions, such as: road safety, risky behaviour, responsible behaviour, prevention organisations, the circular economy, the future of the car, the future of our cities, safety on the streets / safety for all. Ideas for activities with pupils on each of these subjects are available in the main units.

The pupils are encouraged to examine road safety and mobility problems in their communities and to come up with their own conclusions and ideas.

You can share your pupils’ creative ideas on the social media accounts of Your Ideas, Your Initiatives: Facebook and Twitter.

3- ACT to take your ideas further – “Your Initiatives”

Set up an awareness-raising initiative in the school and/or community. The activities can be planned according to each class’s needs.

The goal is not necessarily one of quantity. You need to prioritise the idea and initiative that best meet a specific need or expectation and where you can make a difference (even a small one). Authenticity and the authentic involvement of young people are key to the success of your initiatives.

You’ll find ideas and recommendations on how to develop initiatives in the guidelines for teachers.

You are encouraged to share your pupils’ initiatives using photos, videos, etc. on the social media accounts of Your Ideas, Your Initiatives: Facebook and Twitter.

4- Submitting entries

To enter the international competition, the classes taking part need to provide a description of the activities they have carried out under the programme. This includes a description of the class work (ideas) and the campaign (initiatives) created by the pupils, along with creative elements and the information material illustrating how it was implemented. Photos, illustrations, videos, web content and any other type of visual material will be very useful.

To submit your entry, click on “Submit your story” and answer the questions on the ideas and initiatives. Don’t forget that these texts will be published on your page of the website after being reviewed by the Your Ideas, Your Initiatives publisher. Then, upload all the content you have to your account:

  • You can upload a maximum of 10 photos, with a brief explanatory comment (100 words maximum per photo). The uploaded images must be in jpeg, bmp, tif or png format. The maximum size per photo is 5 MB. The photos can be modified and the comments edited at any time.
  • If you want to include a video, please do not exceed a maximum length of 5 minutes. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube and the link provided with your entry. Videos cannot be edited or replaced once they are submitted.

You can save your story as a draft if you want to re-work it later on. No update is possible once your story is submitted.

5- Helpdesk

All classes taking part can contact our helpdesk by email ( for further information and support throughout their work on the project.