From 4 to 2

The Victoria School

Our campaign is focused on promoting sustainable mobility for students and teachers in our school. 2 years ago, when we participated for the first time in this challenge, we identified the main issues and problems of mobility in our city in the future. Our focus is to promote the use of bicycle in our school community, as a more effective transport, not only for its positive impact on the environment but also because our school is located in a not very accessible road. The campaign this year has get more supporters given the rising levels of pollution in our city.

The ideas

We decided to choose the future of our city's mobility as our focus point because:

We have lived all of our lives in this city and we have noticed how mobility and transportation are more of a problem each year

We have also seen how the first contamination alerts in the city have been managed and we believe we can help to change this situation by encouraging all of the members of this community to ride a bike to school.

The initiatives

We took action over this and decided to have meetings with the directives of our school to discuss the possibility of having a spot in our school for people to park their bikes while they are at school so more people can come to school in their bikes. After a couple of meetings this was made possible. We also got to convince the school to install showers so that people could shower after using the bikes to come to school. With these two actions, more students and teachers are now coming to school on bikes more frequently and now we need more space to have our bikes! This means that our initiatives and campaign have been sucessful.