Abdelaziz Fechtali High School

Abdelaziz Fechtali High School


Upon seeing the lack of road safety culture, 22 students at a Moroccan school decided to educate their neighborhood and to travel throughout the country to spread their road safety message.

The ideas

The brainstorming in the classroom led the students to conclude that there are a great number of deaths and injuries on the roads, despite the statistics displayed in official papers. What’s more, there are no real actors in the field of road safety and sustainable mobility, a concept that is totally ignored. They perceived a great need for a road safety and sustainable mobility culture, and decided that promoting this would require the creation of suitable material.

The initiatives

The students began by working at local level to promote road safety and sustainable behaviors at school. They focused on the idea that classmates can teach safer behavior to their friends, families and communities. The discourse was transmitted through presentations, posters, the school radio, contests, etc. The students also distributed brochures in the neighborhood. They talked with their neighbors, showing them the drawbacks of refusing to abide by the law, and urging them to change their behaviors towards road safety and sustainable mobility.

Based on the idea that actions speak louder words, a show was organized in the neighborhood, as well as bicycle and roller-skating excursions.

As the project grew, so did the students’ ambitions. They traveled to Rabat and Casablanca to distribute leaflets on the streets and to explain the effects of bad behaviors. They also organized and excursion to the south of Morocco to spread the road safety message.

They also wrote letters to the Prime Minister and to the Ministers of Transport, Health, Culture and Education; requesting that a Moroccan representative attend the event organized by the United Nations in Brazil for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

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