Adopt-a-Kilometer aims to create a safe and clean space for students and our general community to be able to walk and drive safely through the bypass.

The ideas

Adopt-a-Kilometer was born after the constant accidents and troubles that students encounter on their way to school and the denial of our government to see this as an important problem.

Our community has lost many valuable members. In the past few years, all the members of Adopt-a-Kilometer have lost at least one relative or friend due to the constant traffic accidents. With Adopt-a-Kilometer we hope to diminish this problem and hope that the younger generations won't have to grow up going to the funerals of their best friends when they are just 16, like almost everyone in the project has had to do. Adopt-a-Kilometer is a way of saving lives.

The initiatives

Adopt-a-Kilometer consists of dividing the 5.6 kilometers of our local bypass here in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico and having any willing person or company sponsor a kilometer. By becoming a sponsor, you are responsible for cleaning, putting up signs, maintaining and adapting the kilometer you chose. Our goal is to create a safe and clean space for students from the three schools located in the bypass and for our community in general to be able to walk and drive safely through the bypass.

To promote the proper use of roads and adequate driving among people of our generation, we began a local social media campaign. In this campaign, we use hashtags to create consciousness when the young people chose to place themselves behind a steering wheel.

The project began a year ago, when the school decided to be our very first sponsor and adopted a kilometer. Although today we do not have any other sponsors, we are working on a daily basis to get more and more people involved in the project to create awareness to those in our community. We hope to have at least three kilometers sponsored by the end of this year.