To against the "Road killer"———electric motorcycle

Shenzhen Senior High School International Division

Our group is trying to cope with the high-frequency traffic offence problem of electric motorcycles(or E-cycles) in Shenzhen. We use different social media, community poster and online questionnaire to spread our idea and raise people's awareness in this special period.

The ideas

With the development of technology and economy, more and more different kinds of vehicles are available for people to choose. And the electric motorcycles are an awesome substitute for people who cannot afford to buy a car. However, maybe because people are not familiar with the traffic laws about using electric motorcycles, the traffic offence problem of electric motorcycles is quite common in Shenzhen.  Therefore, a lot of accidents happened and we hope to reduce the phenomenon. Our group is engaging on this problem. We notice that there are 5 main traffic offence problems of E-cycles. 

  • Random parking of motorcycles and occupying the sidewalk
  • Occupation of motor vehicle lane and reverse driving.
  • Traffic signal violation and not giving way to pedestrians
  • Speeding driving
  • Safety precautions when cycling (for example, wearing helmet)

Besides, the government and traffic department are propagandizing "one helmet, one safety belt" activity, which urging the public to wear a helmet when riding motorcycle.

Moreover, in Shenzhen, and many other cities in China, take-away delivery service is well developed and very common in citizens' daily life. Whereas, may be because of the time limit of the delivery service, take-away deliverymen often offence some traffic rules for convenience.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to record a interview video and a traffic safety exhibition. However, due to the self-quarantine during the pandemic, we changed the interview to online questionnaire, in order to get more data and public perception of electric motorcycle.

Furthermore, we collected statistics and reports on the Internet about the traffic accident caused by break-rules riding of e-motorcycles. We know that 28% of the traffic accidents are caused by this and motorcycle's accidents are always with a injury and casualty rate. In order to prevent these terrible accidents, we add the traffic rules in our questionnaire to let people familiar with the rules, and we write a blog about this and post it on a social media.

The initiatives

The aim of our project activity is to raise people's awareness and help them understand the danger of "minor" traffic offence during riding e-motorcycles.

After collecting resources and news on the Internet, we made a questionnaire to collect the data, to know the people’s attitude around us. We got about 350 answer from different people. And we have received many positive and inspiring feedbacks that many of the interviewees supported our activity and agree that comply with traffic regulations is very important. (We post some of the survey results in the pictures)

Besides, in order to raise people's awareness in the community, we made a poster about the traffic rules and the danger of not following traffic rules and post it in school bulletin and the communities around. (the poster is in the files)

In addition, we found that there are some people using electric motorcycles to carry passengers to earn money. Therefore, we wrote a short article to call public for not taking these motorcycles, and suggest that the government may can pay some subsidy to these people and banned the e-cycles from carrying adults.

Moreover, to share our ideas to as many people as possible, we made good use of social media, such as Weibo and Bilibili, which are the most popular social platforms and video platform in China. We put our articles and presentation video on them, hoping more and more people can see that and paying more and more attention. As for the problem of take-away delivery, we put a blog on Sina Weibo, which is very similar with Facebook, to call on people do not rush the deliverymen.

What's more, we gained many comments and advises on how the deal with the E-cycles' problem. Our teacher and parents are so warmhearted and gave us lots of help and supports.

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