Alert today- Alive tomorrow

Alert today- Alive tomorrow

275(10 LEADERS)

Working together as a team made us learn new things about each other and learn new ways to promote road safety. We started following the traffic rules more ethically, and devoted ourselves fully to making sure others do too.

The ideas

Students discussed issues related to safety rules and to traffic related problems on the roads such as:

  • People driving a two wheeler without wearing a helmet.
  • People driving a car without wearing a seat belt.
  • Issues related to reckless driving.
  • People not following the traffic rules.
  • Using a mobile phone while driving.

We identified the issues mentioned above. We felt that all these issues were relevant, as neglect of any of the traffic rules would cost the life an individual. It might also cause injury to others. We felt the desire and need to work on these issues in order to create awareness so as to decrease the rate of unfortunate incidents occurring.
• We researched the topics by surfing the internet, reviewing journals and newspaper reports as well as by talking to people.
• We came to a decision to plan a program of action in order to instill awareness in people.

OUR TEAM MEMBERS: Tarika Mittal, Bhumika Jejukar, Devanshi Mudgal, Sourav Kumar Jangid, Vinay Kumar Kangid, Aditi Thakan, Aman Sharma, Harshit Bansal, Naman Jain, Naman Dogra.
Ms. Sheetal Vincent (CAS Co-ordinator) and Ms. Manisha Chandra (DP Co-ordinator).

The initiatives

We planned a number of activities such as a street play, poster-making, a talk by a resource person, distribution of pamphlets on road safety rules to the public, and showing a power-point presentation to the other students.

• We decided to execute these activities by organizing a talk by the resource person who delivered a lecture to the students on traffic rules and road safety measures.
• We conducted a poster-making competition for all the school’s students and also went to see an exhibition related to road safety.
• We organized a rally shouting slogans on road safety. We also presented a street play highlighting the issues of road accidents and the observance of traffic rules.
• We displayed a power-point presentation to the school’s students which focused on traffic related problems and the benefits of following traffic rules. The presentation also displayed various traffic symbols, which created awareness about the various traffic symbols that we see on the roads.

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