A model created to create awareness about road safety in our school community.

Alert today alive tomorrow

Edubridge International School

We wanted to make people aware that we should all be following the traffic rules. To express our concerns about people not following the rules, we conducted a survey, asking many teachers if they follow rules, followed by two models and one rap song. We intend to and are determined to make more and more people aware of what can happen if you don’t follow the traffic rules.


The ideas

We started brainstorming about road safety and risk behaviors. We chose these topics  because we have noticed many accidents happen just because people do not follow simple traffic rules like a zebra crossing or red lights. We realized that before things get out of control, we must step up and make everyone aware about road safety.

We decided to created a survey and sent it to all the teachers in the school. Here are some of their questions:
Do you ride a bike or a car? (Yes/No)
Do you have a license? (Yes/No)
Do you follow rules? (Yes/No)
How could you improve the situation of traffic? (Answer)

We have received many answers form and honest ones, since some recognized they don’t always follow rules, which has been noticed by everybody.

It was evident that some people in our school community did not follow traffic rules, as they may not be aware of the consequences. Hence it was absolutely necessary to create awareness through different ways.

The initiatives

In order to create awareness about road safety and risk behaviour, we created two models. Our first model was about showing people how road safety should be, and about how it is. We put some toy cars on the roads, showcasing different situations to make people aware that not following traffic rules can be extremely dangerous. The second model intended to show how unsafe our environment is when people don't follow simple road safety rules. We also composed a rap song and wrote the lyrics and we uploaded it on YouTube. In this song we wanted to highlight the risk behaviors and the importance of respecting the speed limits and traffic signs, using the helmet, using the seatbelt, do not use the cell phone while driving, crossing the street using zebras.

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