Arctic Roads

Arctic Roads


This research project deals with the peculiarities of children’s safety on roads in Arctic regions of the Earth. Weather and climate conditions make roads here especially dangerous for children.

The ideas

The students researched data on the number of accidents in Yamalia (an arctic region in Siberia), the number of children injured in these accidents, and carefully studied the causes of these accidents as reflected in the data. They analysed the geographical position of the region, its climate and other physical features. They also acquired official data on the number of traffic accidents in the region from the state road safety inspectorate. From their analysis the students could see the number of traffic accidents caused by the region’s weather conditions and climatic peculiarities. The students then wrote up a report and came up with a set of safety tips. The project was carried out both in English and Russian.
The teacher's idea was to teach the students to find relevant data and process it, identifying different trends in accordance with the goal set. The tutor also taught the students to search for official data, process it, and represent it in graphic form. The students described their findings in both English and Russian, gaining new knowledge and skills. They also practiced their presentation skills, which they had to develop as persuasive and engaging speakers.

The initiatives

The workgroup made a report and a presentation (which you can see in the video clip) that they delivered in all of the local secondary schools (as they all study in different secondary schools). Again, this presentation was made both in Russian (for younger schoolchildren) and in English (for more senior students). They also made a digital presentation with tips on how to behave on the roads. The workgroup members also took an active part in preparing and implementing a yearly contest among schoolchildren, called 'Safe Wheel'.

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