Awareness to action: a sustainable appproach for safer behaviors

Awareness to action: a sustainable appproach for safer behaviors


Our initiative mainly aims to set up a program for continuous education in road safety at school. In addition, to make the action sustainable and make the initiative a pilot project in other schools.

The ideas

In class, students discussed important subjects related to road safety such as the role of the safety belt; alcohol and driving; awareness of disability; learning the Highway Code and road safety in school; and the testimony of victims of accidents and of officials. Students conducted a survey on road safety (accidents in Algeria, in general) and on our city in particular. From the following strategy: "Awareness to Action", our students began their first inquiry to gain a better understanding of the problem (through official investigations, figures, studies and surveys). Then they formulated their own question: Road safety at school: what is the reality and solution?

Some conclusions of the students after their analysis were:

1) Strengthening road safety education in schools: As there is no official program in place for road safety education, our students have recognized the importance and the need for such a program in their school studies.

2) Road safety in the school context: Know and understand the specifics of road safety at school.

3) Better understand and explain about traffic: To help students better understand and better explain to others the rules of the road, with the help of a specialist in this field.

4) Secure the students entrance and exit to the school: After having seen the failure and uselessness of the speed reducer and the policeman at the entrance of the school, the students began to think about finding an alternative to these.

The initiatives

Beginning with observations of the issue, the students requested that their teacher address several points in their project. First, that the project is integrated and affects almost all subjects taught at the school. We asked, ‘How can we educate on road safety in an inter-disciplinary way?

1) French: Acquisition of vocabulary and oral practice: reading various documents (newspaper articles, signs, etc.); decoding the different signs used in the environment; written expression (minutes of observation, writing posters ...)

2) Discovery of the world: various technical achievements like manufacturing signs; handling of technical objects (summary description of the bicycle, safety accessories for bicycles and cars ...).

3) Civic education: development and implementation of a collective project (rules of life in school ...), census of the main rules of the Highway Code which pertain to pedestrians and cyclist, reflecting on their meaning and utility; what to do in case of a traffic accident.

4) Physical Education: hiking, manoeuvrability trials and bicycle trips, activities
requiring perceptual abilities.

5) Art Education: realization of individual and collective artistic productions on the general theme of road safety at school.

The target of our project is primarily the students of our school, but the project also aims to reach other participants of the educational community, parents, and in general the people of our city. We chose as a media to transmit our message the school newspaper, the internet, the local radio.

Students concluded the project by convincing the director to alter the main entrance to the school, which is across from the main road of the city.

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