The campaign focuses on a video about risky behavior on bicycles. It will be shared on Bicycle Day at our school, along with other activities.

The ideas

The first thing we did was to set up a meeting with all of those who were going to participate. We started discussing the topic we would use in our campaign. After coming up with several ideas, we finally decided to talk about bicycles and the responsible behavior we should display when using them. The next step was to decide what kind of activities we would do in order to promote our idea, since a lot of young students ride their bicycles to school every morning and sometimes we have noticed dangerous behaviors.
Many ideas came up, but we ended up deciding to make a video showing the risks of this mean of transport. In order to dig deep into the subject we would talk with some cycling clubs, some studios and make a survey about how they use their bikes, to find out what rules are usually forgotten.
Also, many of us are participating in a project called STEP, a European project concerned with the environment, and we decided to talk to the person in charge. They will be uploading our video on their platform.
In the rest of the meetings we decided what we were going to do in the studios and how we were going to get in touch with the clubs, as well as organizing how we were going to make the video.

The initiatives

The main idea is the making of the video; once it is done the campaign will focus on its diffusion.
The video will be composed of different scenes showing the dangers of riding a bike, and showing some security measures.
Also, to back the launching of the video, we will organize talks from different Valdemoro biking clubs, with activities related to security while riding a bike performed in bike circuits, as well as some games and the results of the survey. This event will take place on the 21st of June, when Bicycle Day is held at our high school.
We will also upload the video to the STEP platform. STEP is a European environmental project, which is being implemented in Valdemoro (as well as in other towns); some of the students are currently working on this.

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