Children for Children

Children for Children


Our project was done for the younger children by the 10-12 year olds. During the school year, 6-formers offered interesting activities for the primary school students to teach them about road safety.

The ideas

Our school’s group surveyed students, their parents and teachers about road safety. Most of the parents said that the most common cause of road danger is children’s inattention. But some parents said that they are not sure that their children know the road rules.
Another problem…children are not sure of the rules for cyclists and pedestrians, and don’t always know what equipment they need to protect themselves on the roads.
Also, 56% of parents noted that they don’t consider the route from their house to school to be safe for their children.
Last year, we implemented a project for high and middle school students “Youth is for Safe Roads”. This year, we decided to focus attention on the smallest children and their parents to increase road safety awareness. We decided to do a project, “Children for Children”, at our school and in our city, in which students from 10-12 years old teach younger children road rules in the most attractive way possible.

The initiatives

With our 6 formers we discussed the best way of teaching the smallest children the road rules; we came to the conclusion that the perfect way was to involve them in games, picture drawing, and in meetings with the local traffic police. And what could impress children most was to present them with a performance about children’s adventures on the road.
First, children and their parents were instructed about the peculiarities of road safety in our area. After that our primary school children, together with their parents, looked for the safest way from each child’s home to the school. Then children drew their route and presented it to their classmates.
The students of the 3rd and 4th forms took part in the annual picture contest “ABC of Road Safety”.
School children performed a game show, “Zebra on the Road”, for primary students about road signs and road safety. We also had a meeting with a police officer, who explained road safety to the kids and explained the penalties for people who do not obey the road rules. And we played a game to help children to learn and remember lifesaving rules.
The 2nd form students were trained to put on the necessary equipment for cyclists and roller-skaters, and had a contest in which they were reminded of traffic light, safety rules. The game “Traffic Lights” was the event of the day for them.
The most favourite activity for 6 formers was preparing the performance “Road Adventures” for the youngest children. And what a surprise! It was a musical! It will be making its premiere in the kindergartens and primary school next week.

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