Un accident est devenu une monnaie courante aujourd'hui tout les jours des millions de morts

A daily and sad reality

Institut Scolaire Palmiers

Students of Les PALMIERS SCHOOL have decided to participate in this competition with the aim to convey a message and share their artistic potential. Every year between 30 and 45 percent of roads accidents are caused by crazy-high speed mainly among teenagers who are negatively influenced by movies and video games.

The ideas

The idea, relying on art, is to transmit the message of DEATH caused by accidents and speed excess without using pejorative or chocking images.The interpretation of the white, grey, black and red colors symbolizes the road sign posts and death, and the deadly-bloody roads .


The initiatives

Every year, roads take the lives of millions of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Baring in mind that no one has the intention to have or cause an accident, the main cause is SPEED. That's why we must change our attitudes and behaviours and respect speed limits. In the game there are several lives, in real life you know the rest.

Our project has been presented on TV Channel "M. We present the link to the report, which is located between Minutes 14'00'' et 15'30''.

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