Danger at the zebra crossings

Danger at the zebra crossings


In our project we exposed the zebra crossing problem in our city. There are four zebra crossings that are really dangerous; one of them is in front of our high school and most of the students cross that zebra crossing. So we came up with solutions.

The ideas

In this project we explain about these particular zebra crossings and their risks. We think the following zebra crossings are the most suitable for this project:
• Eduardo Saavedra Street behind IES castilla.
• Avenida de Valladolid Street in front of the Tejedor Biscuit factory.
• Eduardo Saavedra Street in front of Alameda Nursery School.
• Avenida de Valladolid Street in front of Restaurant Gari.

We propose some solutions to the problem and how to reduce the number of accidents. The main issues are:
• Cars surpassing the established speed limit
• There are not enough traffic lights
• Crosswalks are not properly illuminated
• Car drivers don´t observe of the minimum safety distance for cyclists.

We have done some research about the number of accidents at the zebra crossings:
• To support this information we took photos of people crossing these zebra crossings and how they need to wait some minutes first.
• We also asked for information from the police. We think that the number of accidents reflects the danger of these zebra crossings.
• One of the city councilors of our local government has reported the problem in a local newspaper and has focused people´s attention on this problem.
• We also recorded videos of our high school students walking across the zebra crossing in the rush hour.

The initiatives

We thought of some ideas to solve these problems:
• First of all we think there should be traffic lights at every zebra crossing on double lane roads.
• Another possible solution is to remove these zebra crossings, although this means that pedestrians should have to go to the nearest traffic lights which are about 30 meters away from the crossing.
• There should be more street lamps along the road and those which don´t work properly should be repaired.
• We started a petition and we have asked the students and the teachers of our high school, as well as members of our families and local people, to sign this petition to help us change this risky situation.

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