D.LDAVMS Pitampura organized a Road Safety Campaign in collaboration with Traffic Police Personnel of our zone to sensitize students on safe pillion driving and to obey safety rules on road.

The ideas

Our school DLDAV Model School Pitampura is situated at the main road of Pitampura surrounded by dense residential area. This main road is a hub of all activities that includes a hospital, sports complex, a number of other schools in the close vicinity and a local market. Heavy movement of traffic on the road is a constant risk to the students to reach school in time. During the rush hour the situation on the road becomes more difficult to handle.

The idea was to sensitize students and community in large to follow traffic rules for safer movement and also to create awareness about safe pillion driving, the use of helmet and seat belt, on following the traffic signals and on the use of First aid kit in vehicles to ensure safer roads for our kids. Another obstacle was the restricted movement of private cabs, city buses and vendors near the school gate in afternoon hours which makes the condition even worse.

The initiatives

To take a positive step towards bringing about awareness in the society on road safety, we took up few initiatives on our own:
• Active participation of School Road Safety Club and Bridge since its inception in Dec. 2014
The main objective of this club is to sensitize students across the school on road safety and make them follow the rules thereby making them grow as better citizens of tomorrow. This also includes regular meetings with students to chalk out the plan which will be followed for the entire year. A Self Defense workshop of the club was organized in December 2017, especially for the girls from classes VII to X in collaboration with Delhi Police Self Defense Branch. The Training was imparted by six trainers. Among the invitees on the valedictory day were Ms Shivani (Self Defense In charge), Ms. Usha (SHO).
The camp was a huge success initiated on the lines of “Prepare and Prevent, Don’t Repair and Repent”.

  • Collaboration with Traffic Police Personnel to raise awareness among the students about Safe driving

The Road safety Brigade of the school under the able guidance of teacher facilitators organized a Road Safety Campaign in collaboration with Traffic Police Personnel of our zone to sensitize students on safe driving and to obey safety rules on road. Students of the Road Safety Club aimed to raise awareness in and around school area about responsible behavior of people on roads. This would attract attention and support of public authorities, civil societies and children for the cause of safer roads for public. Students of classes III and IV had a real life experience of Pillion Driving on mini motorcycles.
Working together will make a difference and will bring the much needed change.

  • “Be Aware, Be Safe” - Road Safety Campaign

Road safety awareness campaign was designed to address various issues at formative age to cultivate right attitude among students. Numerous innovative methods were designed like slogan writing, poster making, Power point presentation, road safety quiz competitions to provide a suitable environment for complying with the traffic rules. Our students faired exceptionally well in these quiz competitions and were rewarded with commendable prizes by the Traffic Police personnel of our zone in the prize giving ceremony. All these competitions helped in sensitizing the students and thus laying the foundation for imbibing positive behavior on following road safety measures.
Our objective is to catch them young in preparing them to abide traffic rules in future.

  • Road Safety Awareness Walk

A special walk was organized by the Road Safety Brigade in the morning rush hours between 8.00a.m. – 9.00 a.m. once in a month from July 2017 to April 2018. During the walk we interacted with the commuters on important issues that are use of seat belt, use of helmets, first aid box and recalling traffic signals. People who were not following the norms were politely asked to abide by the rules and a pledge was taken with them so that they remember to follow the same for long.
A path towards sustainable mobility which will last for long and will bring positive change in the society for a brighter and safer future.

  • Regulating traffic in the rush hours near school gate

One of the key issues was the traffic congestion around the school gate in peak hours. Student Brigade was deployed on strategic positions in the morning and afternoon, helping the students to enter and depart from school premises safely. Student Brigade helped the parents, students and cab-drivers in providing space for smoother movement, safe parking and free zone area around gate so that movement could be made easy to all. A slogan that was used very often, became very popular “Before you cross the street, use your eyes, use your ears and then your feet”.

The initiatives taken by Road Safety Brigade of the school has done commendable efforts and has earned appreciation from parents, teachers, students and community at large.

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