Don´t consume, drive

IES Lancia

We have created a song to raise to raise awareness of road education without drugs and alcohol and specially focused on teenagers and young people. 

The ideas

We decided to participate in this program and from the beginning we found it interesting. We also considered the opportunity of being part of something that could contribute to raising the awareness of people, especially young people, about one of the problems that arise in today's world. The chosen topic has been the consumption of drugs and alcohol, something that unfortunately is very present in our societies. In order to be able to transmit the message and be able to reach young people more easily, we have made a song related to the type of music that they currently listen to. In this way we can get closer to them.

The initiatives

Composing a song seemed the best way to convey these ideas. After all, music is a language, a communication media. Our main objective has been to promote awareness of road safety at all times. At the wheel, your life is pending; you can be the next.

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