Don't wait for the consequence to act

Don't wait for the consequence to act


This project is about the combination of teenagers, alcohol, cars and extreme speed. We want people to understand that we can reflect, that we can prevent. If we first think of a consequence. Sometimes we don't want to see the consequence.

The ideas

We are a group of five students from 9th grade in the Montessori School in Medellín, Colombia. After working during our class time on the topic of ‘Road Safety’, we have chosen the combination of alcohol, teenagers and extreme speed as the subject of our project. We found out today teenagers today who are not at the required age to drink alcohol abuse alcohol and also drive. Many cases end up with very serious accidents where the victims are not only those in the car, but also the innocent people who had the bad luck to be around with them.

We decided to chose this topic after we saw multiple news stories that talk about accidents caused by young people where injury, and in some cases even death, are the result of irresponsible actions committed before thinking of a possible consequence. Many families suffer because of the lack of conscience from those who caused the accident. We the students think that people should think about the consequence of their actions, before they regret them.

The initiatives

We are going to make some videos that express our deep concern about the mixture of irresponsibility, alcohol, high speed and teenagers.

We consider that videos are the best way to spread our ideas because the images are very effective and also informative.

We expect our project ‘Don't Wait for the Consequences, Act!’ to have a global impact, and will post all of our videos on the internet to inform everyone about our initiative. We want everyone to understand that to act, a consequence doesn't have to arise, that they can be prevented, that they can change the roads and the way people think about this topic.

We also created different web pages on social networks to inform about the project. We organised conferences at school to inform the people about the project and help them see things from our point of view. People usually start reflecting when something bad happened, but they just DON'T want to consider the consequences.

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