The Future That Never Was

Colégio Israelita Brasileiro A. Liessin

In the modern days, the problems related to the irresponsible behavior of drinking while driving is something that concerns the society. Due to this fact, we decided to produce a short film to raise awareness. 

The ideas

In spite of all difficulties, we managed to expose exactly what we have discussed in our classroom. This subject is utterly important not only for its repercussion, but also for its dangerous and often irreversible consequences. We hope that our short film enables people to realize that car accidents in which the driver is drunk are responsible for 32.615 deaths in Brazil, in 2017, according to the Brazilian traffic department.

The initiatives

We wanted to touch the heart and soul of the audience, with the intention of making those who are watching realizing the importance of respecting the traffic laws. We tried to show as perfectly as possible the tragic outcomes that can truly happen when the driver has drinking.  As a result of our arduous work, we were able to present what life could have been for five young adults if they had measured their actions. By creating this video, we try to avoid physical, psychological and environmental damages in the future.

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