Health monitor for safer life

Amity International School, Saket

To try and mitigate as much as road accidents we could, we thought of devising an app which could monitor the (health conditions) check of the driver. The drones further help us for surveillance and help detect any potential risk.

The ideas

Road safety is a major problem these days. According to a survey from WHO, each year road traffic injuries take away lives of 1.2 million men, women and children around the globe and injure many more. The death toll is on the highest level for the countries where pedestrians, motorcyclists and passengers are vulnerable and vehicles lack the safety norms, like India. According to the government of India for the last five years a death has been caused every 4 minutes due to road accidents. The most common causes of these accidents are drink and driving or driving in an inappropriate posture and finally driving in inappropriate conditions or driving while sleepy. 

The initiatives

So we devised an app which can monitor human behaviour with the help of their mobile phones. The program is made up on python with the help of OpenCV. It first converts the normal phone images into thermal RGB form which can be used to sense body and surrounding temperature. Later the eye movement and pulse rate is being sensed with the help of open cv and java. this gives us details of whether the driver is drunk, fit to drive, etc. we have tested the app and some life time results have been shared in the image and video section.

We also designed a drone which can fly at a range of 1m giving us the details of any suspicious activities.

The program was tested simultaneously with google maps which is the best possibility according to us.

After this, the drone flew automatically all over Delhi and was even visible on radar.



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