Expansion of the city of Delhi compels students to adopt different means of transport to commute to and from school. A number of safety issues arose; our task was to raise awareness about safe mobility while traveling, thus building a safe community.

The ideas

Safety is an attitude, adopting safety practices is a habit, and practicing safety norms for the safe mobility of others is a value. We, the members of Road Safety Club, wished to take up different issues which impact the safety of people on the road. One day we stood outside the school to study human behavior on the road and captured it in a video. Certain incidents were shocking. Despite active campaigning from the last three years, students were seen moving in groups on the road. They moved in-between moving vehicles to cross the road. Three riding a two-wheeler, two of them without a helmet, was another cause of concern. But the number of students indulging in these risky behaviours has reduced considerably.

As a part of our ideas a survey was also conducted to know how many parents were aware of safety issues involved when travelling by bus or van. We also came across newspaper reports about risks involved when travelling by private vans. It so happened one day that a student was pulling out a bag from the carriage of the car. Meanwhile, the car started and the girl would have got crushed under the wheels but other students shouted and stopped the car. The girl received injuries on her foot but was saved. The recorded video was shown to the other members of the group. In group discussion sessions all the volunteer shared their views on risky behaviours and decided that this time we must focus on safe commuting, “Prepare and Prevent, Don’t Repair and Repent”.

Young children in the six to ten-year-old age group must be educated about risky behaviours because these determine the interplay of ‘unsafe behavior’ and unsafe travelling.

The initiatives

By providing proper road safety education, we will be able to protect our fellow students away from dangers caused by road accidents. We showed them certain facts, the possible dangers and risks involved, explained the ways to keep them safe and develop their skills in understanding consequences. It is always better, if we provide basic road safety education by bringing it to early childhood, primary and secondary students. For this a Road Safety Awareness Drive was conducted in Nursery and Primary Wing of the school. This made them get an overall idea about the rules to be followed while travelling in a bus or a car. Buddy mentoring developed a bounding between students. Senior students felt a sense of responsibility towards the young ones. Thus making them safe, secure and thereby helping them to have awareness about road safety.

As per our Action Plan the following activities were conducted to sensitize the students :

Drawing Poster And Slogan Writing Competition: Slogan writing and poster making competition was conducted in the month of August, 2016. The focus was to make the students aware about the Safety Measures To Be Adopted In The School Buses.

Campaign For Parents: Parents play a key role in road safety education of their children. It becomes imperative to first educate the parents and make them aware about the safe mobility and the risks involved while commuting. The initiative was taken up in the month of August by the Volunteers of Discipline Committee. They conducted a campaign for parents, to reduce the number of vehicles outside the school gate.

Training Programme On Road Signs: In order to groom the Road Safety Volunteers (of classes VI-X) a training programme was conducted by Delhi Traffic Police, India in the month of October and December. The aim was to furnish them with knowledge of risky behavior on road and how to counter it. The volunteers were motivated to spread the message among their buddies.

Design A T- Shirt For Road Safety Campaign : T- Shirt designing and poster making competitions were held in the month of December. The purpose was to spread road safety awareness among the students. The designed T-Shirts were worn by us, the Road Safety Volunteers, during our campaign.

Interactive Board Activity: To make our buddies aware about the safety measures to be adopted while on road, an interactive board activity was held in the month of February. The board was displayed on the school stage during Assembly time.

Guidelines for Safe Travel: Our city has expanded territorially as well as in population. Children are compelled to use different means of transport public, private as well as transport provided by agencies exposes them to dangers of exploitation by the conductor/ driver. There is also a risk of car/ van driven by an untrained driver. Keeping the safety of children as of paramount importance, a circular on precautions to be taken for children travelling by buses and vans was issued to parents.

Educating The Young About Commuting Safely By Bus Or Van: Children tend to grasp the things better through visuals. To remind our fellow students of the safety measures to be followed while travelling, we the volunteers of Road Safety Club pasted posters inside the school bus. The endeavour was to make commuting safer. The activity was further reinforced by showing a PPT to the students. It was uploaded on youtube for reaching to the public

A Tool To Reach 4000 Students And Their Parents: School notebooks carry a message on Road Safety. With the beginning of new session the initiative was taken up to spread the message of Safe Commuting to a larger group. This way not only the parents and the students but their family members were also educated.

Also a page was included in Student’s Diary issuing guidelines to parents for the safety of students travelling by vans. A mobile app Snap Homework was used to update parents about school activities, ‘Road Safety Awareness Campaign’. The Campaign was conducted in the nursery (4-6yrs) and primary (8-10 yrs) wing of the school by Road Safety Club Volunteers.

Street Play In School Assembly: Our endeavours did not stop here, carrying it further in the month of April we organized a street play, Think Road Safety, Build Safe Community. The play focused on threat of exploitation in buses and vans. Our task was to raise awareness about safe mobility while travelling from home to school or vice – versa.

Year Long Activities Conducted Through Out The Session: Apart from the above mentioned activities to ensure the safety of the students in the bus 2 Bus Safety Volunteers were deployed in each bus line. We, the volunteers accompany the bus lines and make the students safely board their respective buses.

Hence we, the unstoppable volunteers are moving ahead to accomplish our mission of Grooming Safe Commuters.
Think Safety, Know Safety, Practice Safety, Ride Safely!
Follow Traffic Rules Save Your Future!


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