Let the signs guide your way

Instituto Español Melchor de Jovellanos

We had detected that in order to access the Institute there were no pedestrian crossings and adequate signage.  We decided to write a letter to the Mayor of the city of Alhucemas and to the technical heads of circulation explaining the situation and the solutions that should be carried out in order to improve road safety.


The ideas

We are a great educational center in a small city on the northern Mediterranean coast of Morocco and we are a group of students who decided to participate in the "Your ideas your initiatives" contest, since within the tutoring program we have to work on road safety education.

At the beginning we did not know very well what to do, so we looked around and asked people about road safety, traffic accidents, etc. We collected testimonies and began to shape the ideas that were emerging. In our research we included:

  • Testimonials from family and friends about accidents in the city and surroundings. We have interviewed five people who have witnessed accidents and the dominant cause was speeding, and in four of the accidents there were fatalities.
  • Survey of the school community on road safety, accidents and traffic problems. We directed the survey to twenty neighbors of the city. Our questionnaire sought to know how the behavior of pedestrians and drivers is perceived and how the respondents evaluate their own behavior as road users, assuming different roles. We also wanted to know how people evaluate the city infrastructure and signaling. The results showed that there is a general perception of dangerous driving, that pedestrians do not respect the signs and that the signs on the streets are insufficient. 
  • Taking pictures and videos of some risk situations in the traffic around the city, namely the bad shape of pavement and signs and pedestrians risk behaviors. 

After analyzing the results of our research we chose as problem the access to our school since there is no pedestrian crossings and adequate signage. 

The initiatives

Considering the problems we found we decided to write a letter to the Mayor of the city of Alhucemas and to the technical heads of circulation, explaining the situation and the solution that should be carried out. We met personally the Mayor to deliver our proposal as well as some maps that illustrated the improvements that needed to be done. Specifically, we have requested an improvement in the access to our school by putting a crosswalk that would allow people to cross the street safely. We recorded our action in different types of files, such as text, presentation, videos and photos.

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