In-line skater vs quadbike

In-line skater vs quadbike


We wanted to work out a topic which touches us most, and it is safety when in-line skating and quad bike riding – the most popular free time activities of youngsters nowadays.

The ideas

Our team first met to find the most common ideas to be worked around in our contribution to the Your Ideas Your Initiatives, brainstorming and looking for the best topic. Then we started recording in the surroundings of the small town Brezová pod Bradlom, shooting the beautiful nature of that region with a GoPro camera. We used: quad bike, rollerblades, kneepads.

The initiatives

Cooperating with municipal police officers in our town of Myjava, we asked them about frequent cases of in-line and quad bike crashes and injuries of youngsters and then made and edited the video in SPŠ Myjava school. It took more than 18 hours of thinking and making our ideas real. For editing we used Windows Movie Maker, simple software which is free to download on the web page of Microsoft Corp. We also used our notebooks to find a suitable soundtrack for our video and then rendered it. Finally we recorded audio for our video, to explain the main points of our output video and show the roles of actors. And this is the final output of our enjoyable work.

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