Look before you cross

Technical School

The aim of our work is to show how dangerous it is for our students to cross the road in front of our school building to reach the fast food shop opposite to get their snack.


The ideas

We carried out a research about the dangerous road crossing problem interviewing 10 students. The main questions were:

a) How could we define the problem?

b) What do the students do to cross the road safely?

c) What is the attitude of the drivers?

The harshest opinions and the best represented messages have been made into our short film.

The conclusion seems obvious: the problem should be solved before a disastrous accident may happen.

The initiatives

A more determined campaign should be taken to solve the problem. So far, various attempts have been initiated, without any success. One of them was to slow down the traffic implementing different methods, such as speed bumps. Our school principal has been negotiating about setting up button-operated traffic lights, or at least painting a zebra crossing on the spot where the students are rushing across.

This short film will help draw attention to the problem. It has been uploaded to the school’s instragram and facebook sites so that more citizens should be faced with the issue. Hopefully, that will also make the drivers be more careful and slow down. Also, the local authorities will be acquainted with the spot. As well as this, it is shown on the commercial screen set up in the school hall attracting the students’ attention to be more careful and more aware of the dangers of their actions.

Until the crossing is made safer, a police patrol is on charge during break time, as seen in the film. At least their presence makes the participants in traffic a bit more cautious.

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