Machine Story- Circular Economy

Machine Story- Circular Economy


We set out to raise awareness of the circular economy. Since our audience was young children we hoped to reach our goal by doing a puppet show with recycled materials, depicting the problem of excessive waste from electrical appliances.

The ideas

Our group started by brainstorming ideas and proposals. Once the topic, the Circular Economy, was selected, the teacher and group chose the methodology: cycle of the action-research model according to Whitehead.
The strategy was a focus group style interview where participants were asked if they knew where their old gadgets go and what happens to them. We continued with a survey of 100 people within our educational community, asking questions such as: “Do you own the latest cell phone model?”, “What did you do with the previous one?”, “Do you know what happens to your discarded cell phones and electrical appliances once they stop working?” We also used other instruments as social nets to implement our research project.
Finally we made a theatrical presentation using puppets constructed from recycled materials, which were designed and elaborated by the students along with their own script. This was presented to young children in our community.

The initiatives

The objective of this research project was to address a current problem concerning the circular economy. The main question asked was:

“What happens to electric appliances once they stop working or become useless?”

This project sought to raise awareness within the community in order to find new ways to care for our environment, using creative and innovating methods to reach solutions.
We hoped to create consciousness by presenting a play called Machine Story using puppets.

We let our community know about the circular economy by inviting them to check our Facebook page and showing a video which helps them to understand what it is and how it works. By delivering a message through a theatrical performance about the facts of the circular economy we can help the environment.
We have done the theatrical presentation with the puppets made from recycled materials; they were designed and elaborated by the students, along with their own script. Our goal was to raise awareness about consumption and the use and waste of electrical appliances, as well as re-thinking the consequences of this waste, and finally to come up with creative and innovative ways to find solutions in order to avoid environmental damage.
In June this topic will be published in the school newsletter in order to continue searching for in-depth knowledge to promote ideas which can enable our community to help in the circular economy. By employing critical thinking we can find innovate ways to use, reuse and recycle electrical devices.
The aim of this project was to present the current environmental situation in order to raise awareness about the consumption, use and disposal of household appliances, as well as to rethink the consequences and find possible solutions to environmental damage. In addition, we wanted to bring this message to young children through a theatrical performance called Machine Story.
We have looked at responding to problems by considering a circular economy.
It can be concluded that disclosure of the situation and the problem of excessive waste from electronic devices makes us think and reflect, creating full awareness of this particular issue.
Our advice is to make all children and young people aware of this situation, as they will be the decision makers and the ones to take action in the future. In this way, we can all be responsible world citizens.