Men on mission

National Pedagogical College "Stephen the Great"

We've been thinking about our cities and all the problems that these cities are currently facing, such as the pollution made by cars; that's why we have decided to promote cycling in our city.

The ideas

We've been thinking about our cities and all the problems that these cities are currently facing, like the garbage thrown on the streets, cycling tracks, noise pollution, air pollution, lack of green spaces, so we decided to make a change. But, what should we start with? What young people like us could actually do? After careful thinking and discussions, we’ve decided to fight against the pollution made by cars! And that’s why we have tried to promote cycling in our city by 1) trying to get people's attention, 2) make people think about the topic of mobility and 3) try to change the people's mentality which will be reflected in new behaviors.   

The initiatives

The message we wanted to share is actually ''THE CHANGE STARTS WITH US!'' and we wanted to convince people to use their bikes. If we could create a new beginning for some people who would decide to make use of the bike instead of pollutant vehicles, this people would also be creating a new future for our cities, for our planet!

Since the beginning we have cooperated very well with a bicycle store in our city named "Happy Sport”. They’ve been so nice to us, they rented us bikes and in return, we promoted them in our posters! But to share some posters is not enough and we decided to get people's attention by this way: we rented those bikes and we started riding them in the park (which is in front of the bicycle store) because we wanted everybody to see us as a very big group that does bring attention to it due to the substantial number of members who are not included in any competition, who actually do that for the fun of it. We raced against each other, like ‘’ who gets there first?’’, we had laughter, and people were staring at us and they were all smiling. Because we have just shown them how much fun it is to ride a bike! One girl told us that she had forgotten how beautiful it is to ride a bike and another girl asked us where she could rent a bike from and, of course we showed both girls where we rented ours. When the boy who works in the bicycle shop saw us coming with two other persons, he asked us if he could join us! That was awesome! After that we invited them to ride with us. 

We also played with kids we have found in the park to show them the fun stuff of any bike so they can fall in love with bikes. We wanted the kids to understand how fun riding a bike is, and how many advantages bike riding brings. These advantages were drawn with chalk on the ground, such as: relaxation, a healthy and a stronger body and saving the planet! Soon after we finished drawing, we heard most kids telling their parents or attendants that they  wanted to ride a bike that very day and every day after this! 

We are just glad we could do something to promote bike riding!

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