Each hour in India a road accident occurs. This is an issue that is totally avoidable with the conscious and responsible effort of road users. We've strived hard to spread the message of choosing a joyful life over the perils of accidents.

The ideas

Each day in the newspapers, on news channels and in social media, we see several instances of recklessness on the roads. We, as the next generation of our country, have observed that road accidents are a huge peril to our nation. As students, when we listened to these kind of news items we get frightened and go into a deep shock. We also faced a real life experience when one of our dear friends lost his life in an accident. We realized that until we stand up and take action against the problem it won't be resolved.

The initiatives

We formed an action committee for road safety. We took surveys in our locality. We went to each house and met every person to spread awareness about issues like under-aged driving, speeding and other dangers and their ill effects. We conducted rallies, brainstorming sessions and assemblies for students to make them aware of these life threatening issues. We also realize that this socially modern generation spends most of its time on social media. Hence we created a YouTube channel and we are successfully running it. We upload videos of social interest and topics on road safety in which we try to convey the major problems and causes of road rampage such as a lack of seriousness, for example.

This has created a huge impact as the number of accidents in our locality has gradually decreased and the number of students coming to schools on their own vehicles has been reduced. We, as leaders of tomorrow, believe that our small initiatives will create a huge impact on the future. Every drop in the ocean matters; hence, we can observe that people in our locality have started parking in the right places and most of them wear helmets while driving two wheelers. This has made us feel proud of the initial steps taken in the right direction.


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