Move - Sustainable Safe Mobility

Move - Sustainable Safe Mobility


Nowadays society is looking for healthier, eco-friendly forms of transport. We found bicycles to be the best form of transport for our community. So we proposed to improve and create new routes for cyclist to feel safe and respected.

The ideas

We believe we can solve some of the problems that our community is facing and that is why our project focuses on improving road safety and sustainable mobility; we believe that the best way to help is improving the PBS (Public Bicycle Systems), creating routes for cyclists where they feel safe and can get around the city without any problems. These routes would add to the improvement of aspects such as insecurity, dangerous roads, lack of road culture, the health of our inhabitants, the reduction of pollution, and would promote the use of bicycles as means of transport because the multiple benefits of cycling would be to everyone’s advantage. We see this as a positive change in our community. For this reason we sought the support of our colleagues, the government and Renault’s ‘Your Ideas Your Initiatives’ in order to bringing our idea to reality.

The initiatives

Team members performed a partial route navigation created, at first, without support from the Secretariat of Mobility. We realized from this exercise that, when we tried to travel around without the help of the authorities, it was harder and that people weren’t conscious about road safety culture.
We put together conferences, radio shows, and publications on our social media networks to promote road culture and develop respect between pedestrians, cyclist, motorcyclist and motorists.
Move did several campaigns to promote our project, and we received the support of our community. We made posters to sensitize our fellow citizens, as well as t-shirts (with our logo), photos and videos.