Nesher Junior High School

Nesher Junior High School


Education is an essential part to making a difference in many situations, and of course road safety is one of them. Eighth grade students in Israel used the educational process to influence youth all over the country to have safe behavior on the road.

The ideas

The students at Nesher Junior High School began by discussing road safety in general and how important it is to protect life. They also talked about the responsibility of pedestrians, and how it’s not just drivers’ responsibility to prevent accidents. Their third main focus point was on youth and their ability to help create safe behavior on the road.

They realized that they wanted to communicate these three points – the importance of protecting life, the responsibility of pedestrians, and the power of youth to influence how people behave on the road – so they began to brainstorm ways to get their messages out.

They talked about the educational process as a means of influencing others and making a difference in the world, and knew that this would form the basis of their initiative.

The initiatives

The students began by developing a road safety teaching and learning plan for other kids in the community which would be based on online classes given over the internet. They discussed road rules, dangers on the road, ways of coping with difficulties and obstacles, protective measures, and precautions – all from a pedestrian’s point of view.

The classes got great reviews, and word of mouth began promoting their initiative. They soon had to expand their activities to teach students all over the country, in cities like Naharia, Acco, Negev, Nesher, Beer Sheva and more. Later, they went on to include a whole new medium – the radio! They broadcasted road safety information and perspectives live from Nesher Junior High School.

Once each week the students held a meeting to assess how the project was developing, and redefine their objectives if necessary. They also discussed the project’s success, and agreed that the changing attitudes they’d all observed in the students and through surveys were the best testimony!

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