"Never rush and you'll be safe"

"Never rush and you'll be safe"


We did a presentation for a primary class at our school. To prevent road accidents from happening in real life, we simulated some accidents to demonstrate to children how to behave properly while on the street; we also prepared a road safety dance.

The ideas

1) Making a presentation of our project for other Lviv schools.
We found the theme of the project really useful and interesting for today’s society and we wanted to spread our ideas and make more people aware of the dangers on the roads. In this way we could decrease the level of accidents.
2) Post road safety rules around the school halls.
The hall area in our school is the place where hundreds of students meet to have a rest during the break time. There, we post different announcements of upcoming school events, facts about famous people and quotations by Ukrainian writers. Road safety rules would be a new content for those walls and would attract tons of students to enrich their knowledge.
3) Making an interactive, real-life lesson with secondary school students about the main rules of road safety (including the rules that were not shown in the video)
As we had prepared this kind of lesson with pupils from the primary school, we wanted to repeat the experience with the older students. They needed much more information than the younger kids, as they spend more time on the street chilling out with friends or riding their bicycles. The content of our lesson would be more complicated and more compatible with this age group.

The initiatives

1) Making a road safety related lesson for the primary school.
As you can see in the video, we made a lesson about road safety rules for small children. Their teacher was surprised by our visit and the kids were glad to see us. The majority of pupils had a good level of knowledge for their age. We prepared a crossword, showed them road signs and asked them to guess their meanings; we also played a game with them and asked them some simple questions such as: what would you do if you were in such a situation (ex. Standing at a safety island, waiting at a red traffic light). We were happy that we helped them to become more careful on the road.

2) Showing the basics of road safety to citizens while recording a video.
In fact, many citizens watched us making our video and asked us questions about road safety. We were astonished by their interest in us and answered their questions with a lot of pleasure. We really hope that our lessons will help them further.

A dance about road safety rules
This dance was a real challenge for some of us. A few members of our group were dancing for the first time and it took a lot of time for them to move correctly and to follow the steps.

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