Pedestrians’ responsible behaviors

Al Madina Polo

The road safety project is part of our annual activities aimed at raising the awareness of young learners and this year the focus was on pedestrians’ responsible behaviors.

The ideas

One in three pedestrians dies in road crashes. Over 1000 Moroccan pedestrians are killed in our roads every year. Some common pedestrians' risk behaviors are: using the mobile phone while crossing the road, not using the pedestrian pathway, not taking into account that they should be clearly visible to the drivers, crossing the road without looking to both sides of the road. Following the project set up by the National Direction of Road Safety: Safe School, Al Madina Polo School has decided to focus on the pedestrians.

The objectives of our campaign were:

- Educate students about the importance of using the crosswalk.

- Inform and learn about the rights and obligations of pedestrians to assure their road safety.  

The initiatives

To inculcate the culture of road safety among young learners and promote their road safety by adopting responsible behaviors as pedestrians, we set up awareness sessions through research and debates to develop learners' attitude towards conscience and citizenship in order to have global citizenship.

We have organized and developed several activities:

  • We took the occasion of celebration of the "national road safety day" to train our students of 1st year high school on the highway rules and road safety by focusing more on pedestrians.
  • Realization of models and panels containing the road signs.
  • Sorting and selection of signs targeting pedestrians.
  • Workshop for making road signs concerning the Highway Code.
  • Manufacture of traffic lights.
  • Design of signs and safety instructions.
  • Simulation of crosswalks to teach young children with sessions conducted by high school students.
  • Awareness sessions for young students, provided by high school students
  • Exchange session and debate about the dangers of the road, directed by a group of teachers.
  • Preparation of a school radio programme explaining the project and its different stages.

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