Preventive Campaign

Preventive Campaign


Taking into account the causes of accidents in our city, the theme selected by our group was prevention. The most common accidents were selected and used in a campaign inside our school to raise awareness and prevention.

The ideas

First, a discussion was opened up in our class on mobility in Bogotá. Bogotá is a city with serious problems of mobility and road safety. We discussed the most frequent causes of accidents in the city, and our views on those causes. In our conversations, issues such as lack of driver and pedestrian education, inability of authorities to affect better mobility, and the bad state of the roads were mentioned as influencing the road environment and creating difficulties on the streets of Bogota.
In brainstorming, all possible actions that were raised aimed at prevention and education as a way to contribute to the reduction of the difficulties we observed in the city. We thought of a campaign to promote the correct use of the zebra crossing because pedestrians often don’t cross the streets properly which is the cause of many accidents; but in the end we decided to focus our campaign within the school.
We investigated different views on mobility and road safety in their city and recognized our own responsibility as pedestrians and as future driver, which was a positive outcome of the activity.

The initiatives

We decided to do a prevention campaign for the school community, showing some ways to avoid accidents and stay safe on the roads. The aim of the campaign was to inform our fellow students and the school’s staff of the value of road safety prevention on the street to avoid accidents.
We designed some posters to emphasize the correct use of the roads. We used these posters and made presentations in some of the classes, sharing and exposing the campaign to students and teachers, communicating some of the ways to prevent accidents in our city. In this way, we were also publicizing the campaign to the community.
The impact of the campaign was first on the students who participated in the activity, because we acknowledged our own responsibility and those of our family and friends to prevent accidents. This awareness was also generated among the school community who would think more about the consequence of their road behavior.

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