Reducing Traffic and Improving Road Safety Around School

Reducing Traffic and Improving Road Safety Around School


Through campaigns done at our school, we were able to show students the road and mobility problems that we have. Since then, we have been analyzing the possibility of having school transportation and we are now aware of road safety.

The ideas

Our group got together in the classroom and started to brainstorm in order to participate in this Renault project; each of us gave our ideas and opinions about different possible topics. Road security and mobility were our priorities. After expressing our ideas and explaining our experiences we came up with some conclusions. We made one hundred surveys asking different questions about mobility and road safety. We found out that most of the parents bring and pick up their kids from school, which explains the traffic causing mobility problems. Another important question showed that a great number of students would like to have school transportation; this would help to decrease traffic, leading to better mobility around the school.
We realized that we have some big problems at our school regarding road safety and mobility. Many students come to school on foot, but also a lot of students are brought in their parents’ car. So, we have two problems: traffic around the school at rush hour and the safety of pedestrians.

The initiatives

Through campaigns done at our school, we had the opportunity to show the rest of the students the road and mobility problems that we all have. Firstly, we made and then printed posters in English and Spanish with tips to improve mobility and road safety; secondly, we prepared a little speech to explain each of them. Finally, we divided our class into groups of two or three people in order to visit each classroom and give some tips on pedestrian safety, such as not using a phone while walking on the street. Not only can we get hurt, but we can also cause accidents. The warning about the use of cell phones is also for drivers (our parents); they could be involved in a car accident or accidently run someone over. Students responded positively since these problems affect them. We later received positive comments on our project.
After reading the results of the surveys, many students have become interested in the possibility of having school transportation. We are presenting this proposal to the school authorities and hopefully we can soon bring a real solution to our mobility and road safety problems.