Respect brings Respect

Respect brings Respect

SESI - Cianorte

This is a Project from SESI Cianorte, located in Paraná, Brazil to alert the community and bring to light the importance or being respectful in traffic.

The ideas

When it comes to respect in traffic, our city looks like a place with no laws. Students noticed all kinds of irregularities and, in a brief conversation with members of the community, a lot of complaints were heard.

People complained of drivers’ ignorance about the use of parking spots around the city, the almost complete rejection of road signs and the dangerous non-safety driving mode of most of the drivers in the city.

So, it was thought about bringing some awareness to the people and making them more respectful in traffic.

The initiatives

The students became infraction-hunters and traffic-paparazzi. With a collection of photos showing people’s lack of respect while driving in our own city and community, we made an exposition, creating messages and trying to touch people’s heart and bring their attention to our attitudes in traffic.

The exposition of photos has been seen by hundreds of people who walk through the school, from students to parents, people from the community and anyone who came to the SESI/SENAI buildings for all kinds of resources connected to the industrial world (which are provided in the facilities by FIEP system).

People were impressed looking at the pictures from their city and looking at the streets from a different point of view. Promises were made to us and themselves about viewing the city differently while driving. The sense that the streets belong to everyone has been discussed and the messages brought new ways of thinking to the community.

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