Road education and security for kids and Car Sun Light

Road education and security for kids and Car Sun Light


With our project, we want to educate kids on road safety and how to correctly use the public roads. We also wanted to remark on the importance of environmentally friendly cars, like ones with solar panels, which help to reduce pollution.

The ideas

In my community road accidents are a principal cause of too many deaths; this increases when in relation to alcohol. It’s of great importance to keep in mind that many people do not know the responsibility that is needed when being behind the wheel. In our project, we decided to raise awareness among the children of the next generation. Teaching them at a young age the rules and what can occur when they’re not accomplished or followed is the correct thing to do. By doing this, we believe we can contribute to a better environment and a reduction in road accidents

The statistics show that 35% of the total contamination of the air in Mexico comes from contamination from public transport, vehicles, etcetera. We hope to show that, though the use of vehicles like motorcycles, automobiles, trucks and others are still "necessary" to some, by using solar panels all types of contamination can be avoided, reducing the smog which is a severe problem all around the world. And it is worth mentioning that their use reduces the risk of fire provoked by accidents, which every person faces in a crash. In this way, we help to avoid two problems while contributing to a good cause by taking energy from a natural and clean source like the sun.

The initiatives

We wanted to teach kids, in an understandable and fun way, what road safety is. Our educational materials included a scene created on a poster board in which we observe a public road and a likable, colorful cartoon (in this case: SpongeBob SquarePants). In the other scene, the theme is Snakes and Ladders, a very popular and well-known game, with rules and transit signs. We used different tools such as crayons and pencils for the Snakes and Ladders game and the illustrated city. For the characters, we used egg cardboard, crayons and markers. For the signs we used pieces of foam and silicon. For the 3D minion, we used foam, balls of dry ice and cloth. For the street light we used a tripod, three LED lights (one for each color), a broom stick, cables for stereos at 12V and plastic tops (one for each color). To make this project happen, we had to do a couple of things. First, nearby schools had to be located to give us an idea of where we had to go. Second, we made a personal visit to each one of the schools that had been located (five schools in total) and we handed out a letter to each school regarding the reason and purpose of our visit. We were very grateful that all of the schools had accepted our road safety class especially because this seemed to be a very important topic for them as well, and because the schools were not giving much attention to this topic and the kids did not know how important it was. We gave out a review sheet that the principals signed, and had a small series of questions about our performance, such as if the kids seems interested and if they liked having frequent talks like these. We received good criticism and feedback that could help us improve.

We also wanted to show the importance of environmentally friendly cars in the future with an attractive and exotic model of our car ‘’Sun-Light’’ with different uses and functions. We wanted to demonstrate that everything that the car does is thanks to the sun’s energy. It is charged throughout the day and has a small solar cell connected to the electric battery; it is like any other normal car, only without contaminating. It avoids all kinds of extra economic costs thanks to the sun’s energy and it helps our environment, which is already in a critical state because of the smog that it contains. We made a speech about our school (High School 14) in which we gave our reasons why we decided to make this car, its functions and the future we hoped to serve from it. We started off by asking them some questions about what they thought of the topic and what they thought about their own situation, and most of them liked the idea of being more ecological and taking advantage of the natural energy of the sun. Last but not least, we asked them to draw their own models of their future car and to sign it as evidence of the work being done.

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