This project is about how the girls at our school became aware of the mobility problems this institution faced, how they created projects to solve the problems and how they made other students aware of the road safety rules.

The ideas

The school decided to do this project because we wanted to raise awareness of the mobility problems at our school and its surroundings, to understand the main problems that exist at this institution and especially to teach the educational community how to be responsible with safety regulations, because if not, it can have a negative effect on the lives of many people.
Students identified two problems of major concern: the lack of awareness by drivers and pedestrians and the traffic congestion at the school entrance.

The initiatives

The students have taken different actions:

  • Made a video representing an efficient demolition of abandoned houses, since they considered it could improve the mobility of the cars in the exit area of the school
  • Designed posters to emphasize the importance of life and how people should be conscious road users and adopt responsible behaviors
  • Used Instagram accounts to spread their messages
  • Gave presentations to other students to make them more aware of the importance of road safety rules.
    Students are the future of society. If we teach the young then we will avoid accidents in the future and make the roads a safer place. Raising awareness of problematic situations is key to preventing errors.

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