Road Safety in Sobrance

Road Safety in Sobrance


Our story is about providing information to our youngest classmates connected with road safety together with different activities via the project. We reviewed not only our students but also people from our town by ciruclating a questionnaire.

The ideas

We were thinking about how to improve road discipline in our town. We were watching how people behaved in different situations on the roads. We came to the conclusion that the most undisciplined are 6–11-year-old children. They do not use pedestrian crossings, wear helmets when riding their bikes, use reflective markings on clothes, etc.

Then we continued our search, aiming to find out if the citizens of Sobrance are satisfied with the current traffic situation.

We noticed that there are a lot of cars and drivers are not considerate to pedestrians, which we found quite striking.

We decided to cooperate with our youngest classmates, for whom we prepared a lot of activities where they could learn a lot of things connected with roads.

The initiatives

We decided to take our youngest classmates under our wing. We prepared a rich educational programme to teach them how to react correctly in certain situations and how to behave on the roads.

How we proceeded:

1. We created a video, where we showed them how to cross the road and what they should not do when crossing a road
2. We introduced the video to them and instructed them about road safety
3. We revised road signs with them, the result of which was the creation of road signs
4. Via a questionnaire we found out if the people of our town and the students of our school are satisfied with the traffic situation on roads, which we later evaluated
5. We officially included our youngest students in the project by giving badges with the logo of the project, which were hand-made by us
6. The climax of this project was the visit of the ‘traffic playground’, where we performed different road situations and previewed first aid techniques, which they could try out.

We are very happy that our youngest students were willing to participate in this project and are have to report that they are better for the experience. The proof for this is that they finished first in a road safety competition organised by our school. We hope that although the project is about to finish, it will not stay only on paper but that we will pass our experience on our classmates and so on.

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