Safe and risky behaviour on the roads

Safe and risky behaviour on the roads


This project was carried out by second year high school students. We decided to aim this project at primary school children and final year students in our own school. In order to do this, we collaborated with Milinko Kusic primary school.

The ideas

The students prepared a presentation for primary school children. The idea was to teach basic things such as how to cross the streets safely, where to play, and how to behave as pedestrians without putting themselves or anybody else at risk. After this presentation the students were given a short quiz in order to check how much they had learned.
Since most of the older high school students are already drivers, we wrote a short questionnaire to check how well they know traffic rules. After that they were shown (also through a presentation) how to avoid the riskiest behaviours typical for drivers of their age.

The initiatives

We contacted the primary school in our town to engage 7–10-year-old children. We also engaged students of our own school. The whole project was presented on local radio.

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