Safety First, Your Life is Precious

Safety First, Your Life is Precious


We believe that the alarming rate of fatalities due to road accidents can be curbed when students take necessary precautions and measures. Thus, we came up with a project to instill awareness among the students at our school.

The ideas

There are five of us who volunteered for the Your Ideas, Your Initiatives project, as our principal requested. We started the project with a brainstorming session which resulted in a few interesting suggestions on the problems of road safety. They are problem which the Malaysian community, especially school children, need to be aware. Some suggestions of problems that we put forth include: lack of awareness among drivers to come to a halt at a zebra crossing, school children not using a seat belt when in a car, and a lack of knowledge among school children on the importance of being cautious when crossing the road. We reached a consensus that school children lack awareness when it comes to taking precautions and abiding safety measures when they are on the road. We discussed a recent case concerning a few students who were killed while bicycle riding. Such tragedies occur when school children do not wear safety gear, such as a safety helmet.
We believe that in order to ensure safety among school children, it is imperative that these children are given exposure and dissemination of knowledge on the importance of wearing safety gear and attire to ensure their safety. Like the saying goes, ‘It is better safe than sorry’. We conducted ten interviews with our classmates who ride bicycles. Among the questions asked: were they aware of safety measure when they come to school or go home; were they aware that safety is a public issue; and do they know how accidents can be prevented. The findings also show that a majority of the students prefer not to wear a safety helmet when riding a bicycle due to inconvenience. They claimed their hair will get all ruffled up when they take off the helmet and they argued that wearing a helmet makes them look less attractive on the road.
Hence, the central core of this project would delve into the alarming rates of fatalities among school children due to road accidents, especially those riding bicycles. We proposed that the best method to curb this problem is via road safety campaigns conducted at the school, by inviting relevant parties and authorities to give talks and hold exhibitions to inculcate and cultivate awareness among the students on the importance of road safety.

The initiatives

We came up with initiatives to inculcate and promote awareness among school children. We decided to hold talks by inviting relevant parties to provide information about road safety for the students in the school during assembly.
In order to invite someone who is not within the school community, we cooperated with the teachers who were in charge of students affairs to help us invite the Director of the Transportation Department to give a talk during assembly. Thus on 13 March 2017 the Director of Transportation Department came to the school to promote road safety by providing information and input on road safety. He was also grateful that the school with the Principal’s blessing had introduced a new uniform body that promotes road safety which is the Transportation Department uniform body. This has also become part of our project and we are also the members of this uniform body.
On 17 April 2017, we invited the Malaysia Road Safety Department personnel to give a talk during school assembly on road safety. This time around, an exhibition on road safety and the importance of wearing safety gear was held. The officer, Mr Zaid, an eminent personality on road safety gave a talk and provided relevant and interesting information on being safe on the road. He also conducted quizzes for the students and the winners were given safety helmets to ride their bicycles and motorcycles. Those who won the helmet and did not have a bicycle or motorcycle were contemplating to have one so that they can use the helmet.
A few days after the talk, we came up with power points and we presented to our classmates and the Transportation Department uniform body members. This is to provide emphasis to our schoolmates and our uniform body members on the importance of using safety gear on the road. We also gave descriptions and relaying information on the safety gear when the Malaysia Road Safety Department held an exhibition in the school.
In essence, we are proud to say that through this project we had inculcated awareness among friends in school especially our classmates and uniform body members by inviting relevant parties and authorities to give a talk on road safety. Besides, we also cooperated with the Malaysia Safety Road Department to hold an exhibition to promote road safety and inculcate awareness on the use of safety gear among the students. We do hope to do much more campaigns in the future.

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