We were happy to make materials (billboard) that our peers use to learn about the road safety.

Safety on two-wheels

Srednja škola Bedekovčina

We have decided to inform ourselves and our peers about dangerous we face when riding a motorcycle. Besides our peers, we wanted to tell other vehicle drivers that motorcyclists are on the roads and the importance of keeping  safety regulations and rules to make us all safe.

The ideas

We decided to have motorbike riders as the focus of our campaign because, as commuters, we already ride smaller bikes, or we are going to ride them soon.  We are going to be heavy machines operators and mechanics and we have been taught that safety has to be our number one concern. Yet, many of our peers don’t behave safely while ride their bikes.  Even, without official data, we are aware that this topic is very important; reading newspapers and talking to people who have had an accident was enough to prompt us to take this campaign. We think that even one person injured in a traffic accident is too much and we would like to make our friends aware that protective equipment save our lives, along with respecting traffic rules and regulations, of course.

We visited a local driving school where we could get all necessary information. The driving school coordinator was happy to welcome us and gave us a short lesson about road safety and showed us the protective equipment, let us takes photos of the equipment and explained us in details why it is important to wear jacket, belt, gloves and hamlet.  We also visited a local MOT test Centre to have more information and we learned there that motorbike has to be tested each year and that correct functioning of any vehicle, let alone the motorbike, is crucially important for driver’s/rider’s safety.

The initiatives

We have decided to inform ourselves and our peers about dangerous we face when ride a motorcycle. Besides our peers, we wanted to tell the other people who drive various vehicles that we, motorcyclists, are on the roads and to keep safety regulations and rules to make us safe.

We did several activities:

- Designed and exhibited billboard at the school’s hall. The main message of our billboard is “Life is priceless”. We have presented the main protective equipment that riders must wear and described them.  Also, we explained which part of our body is protected by particular item of equipment and why it is important to wear them.

-Designed and handed out leaflets. The main message of our leaflets was also “Life is priceless”. We handed out them to other students and to teachers at our school; we left them at windshields of cars parked at the parking lots around school and in our neighbourhood.

- Designed and exhibited posters in the local community. We all go to school together but live in different towns and villages, some of us live more than 30 kilometres away. In our local communities, there are informative spots, usually near the church or in the centre of a settlement, where local authorities or other interested parties can leave their posters or advertisement of various kinds. So we used that spots to spread our initiative.

The entire project was done by us, and we are happy that our initiative has been successful. We have learned a lot and we would like to continue this initiative at our school. We have asked our school’s headmistress to let us continue this initiative the next year in a form of extra curriculum activities. She has accepted our proposal, so “see you” the next year with a new initiative about the road safety, with another topic!

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