Save your life!

Save your life!


Road safety is important for everyone but a lot of students don't pay attention to the road; drivers and pedestrians often ignore traffic rules, so we decided to point out theses mistakes and educate children about signs and rules.

The ideas

Welcome to Ukraine!
We are students from the Ukrainian gymnasium Yevshan, in Lviv. There are a lot of terrible moments in our country; one of the main ones is the war in the east of Ukraine. We believe that everything will be ok.
We also realized that our country and city have another serious problem, with road safety. So our gymnasium decided to participate in this project.
Our group surveyed the students and teachers of our gymnasium about road safety. We acted as reporters and asked people their opinions on road accidents. About 300 people were surveyed. Most of them were able to give reasons for road accidents.

  • First, there is children’s inattention.
  • Second, a lot of drivers ignore traffic rules; people often do not follow road rules.
  • Third, there are bad roads in our country which are a cause of a lot of road accidents.

We decided to raise awareness of the importance of responsible behavior on the roads using a variety of materials.
We concentrated our work on educating children on the topic of road safety. Moreover, we tried to change students’ attitudes and behavior for the better.

The initiatives

The most important thing for our team was to raise the interest of school children in learning the rules of traffic safety. We tried to involve the whole school community.
Activities we organized:
• Local policemen were invited to our gymnasium to explain to children the importance of responsible behavior on the roads and through a variety of leaflets and brochures we gained more information; 300 students attended the lectures. We had a meeting and an opportunity to improve student’s knowledge of road signs. A lot of our students get to school by bus, so they must remember road rules; for example, how to get on and off the bus safely and the proper behavior to follow when on the road to school. For this, children drew posters showing the safest way to school.
•We organized a school drawing competition for younger learners on the topic of future cars. All of the children presented their projects in English during their lessons. Then we organized an exhibition and other students voted for the best one. The winner received a prize.
• We organized student flash-mobs in the city centre (Safe your life). Our group encouraged students from different schools to participate in this activity. We all practiced a lot and performed. The aim was to raise awareness of responsible behavior on the roads. A lot of people were invited who gave their support.
• Our students hung a lot of posters on the topic of road safety which everyone could see in the hall of our gymnasium.
• Debates were organized on the topic of road accidents. We had debates with younger and older students, and we concluded that some students didn’t know the rules of the road.
• During English lessons, children drew their route from home to school, discussed the safest way to get home and presented their projects to their classmates.
• Some students made videos about dangerous situations on the roads of our city and presented these videos to the entire school community at a meeting.
• Our team and the principal of our gymnasium wrote a request to the local government to organize a parking place for student bikes. Unfortunately, we haven’t received an answer yet.
• We also organized a cycling race among the students of our gymnasium on the topic “Environmentally Friendly City”. Around 50 students participated in the race. Before the race, a lesson on safe cycling was given.
We determined that using a lot of different activities to involve students in the project was the most effective way to raise awareness and get results.

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