School Road Safety Project

GKV Cemil Alevli College IB Schools

Road safety is the most important part of the traffic since we all need to know as drivers, pedesterians or travelers. After we have seen the project, we got together and discuss about the possible project ideas. Since everybody is using the road in front of the school the most, we agreed that to do something related with it. 

The ideas

In this Project, we tried to eliminate any possible traffic problems in front of our school. In order to come up with a plan, we made observations to see what the problem really is. At the dismissal time, we went out to count the cars and the students to see how big the problem is and also we counted how many times the tramway passed by within 30 min. In addition to that, we wanted to hear from our parents as well. We prepared a little survey for the parents to see the problems from their eyes. According to the survey, most of the parents were complaing about the pedesterian crosswalk lines because it was too old and barely visible from the cars passing by. We also had couple of meetings with the local authorities to get their suggestions. They recommeded us to take the training about road safety that the county offer. We went to road safety training center and attend one hour information section about the road safety rules and regulations.

    The initiatives

    After collecting all the necessary data in order to identify the problem, we got together and discuss about our action plan. We were agreed on these solutions.

    1. Pedestrian cross walk needs to be repainted since it was almost invisible - We got help from local authorities to paint. 
    2. Training students on road safety rules - After receiving a training on road safety we decided to share it with other learners and we contacted kindergartens, elementary and middle schools, proposing a road safety education class. We got some positive answers and in total we could reach 250 students (50 children in kindergarten, 100 students from elementary school and 100 students from middle school). 

    We did a lot of meetings to prepare our actions, we worked really hard and put a lot of effort into it. And it was worthwhile! 

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