Student's Education on Road Safety -Technical school Valjevo

Student's Education on Road Safety -Technical school Valjevo


This project is our idea about everyday education on road safety, traffic rules knowledge and including all society in making our life better by paying more attention to everyday safety.

The ideas

We are seven students from the Technical school from Valjevo, Serbia, who had an idea of solving traffic safety problems. We have already done some projects on traffic and what we noticed was that traffic participants don't pay enough attention to road safety. They use mobile phones and don't put on seatbelts. By using different methods of solving the problem, we based our project on unconscious learning. We also invited the police department, our teachers and, in the first place, our students to join our activities.

The initiatives

The main problem is making people aware of the real situation and dangers on the road. We did a lot of activities.
First, we conducted a survey in our school about the means of transport students use to come to school. We found out it was most often bicycles and motorbikes. This knowledge helped us to focus our attention on their safety. Secondly, we made a traffic area in our school hall, organising lectures and interesting activities. Thirdly, we conducted a new survey among the students to see if they heard some new facts, innovations and if they learnt something new. What we finally did was organise a competition in cycling and motorcycling where they showed us what they learned and what they would apply in everyday life.

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