Subodh Public School

Subodh Public School

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Creating a culture of road safety within a school or community means ongoing lessons, activities and support, but it’s a real commitment – one that the students and teachers at Subodh Public School were ready to make!

The ideas

Ten students formed the core group of a road safety awareness campaign that involved over 250 other students at Subodh Public School in Jaipur, India. Altogether the campaign consisted of over 300 hours of road safety activities.

Before they designed their great campaign, the students talked about the major causes of accidents in their community, how to generate awareness among the public and the other students, and the road rules that must be most strictly adhered to.

They decided that the most important issues for their particular community were the use of mobile phones while driving, pedestrians and drivers ignoring the designated crossings, people not using helmets when riding bicycles and 2-wheelers, and drivers making unsafe u-turns.

They had a lot of issues to cover and a lot of ideas on how to do it! They knew that they didn’t want to have just one action or event, they wanted to create an initiative for road safety that could keep students involved for weeks, months, or even the whole year. They wanted to create a lasting culture of road safety in their community.

The initiatives

The students wanted to use a variety of different methods to communicate all their different messages as well as the main one: don’t ever play with someone’s life. They organized a road safety poster contest, made a series of short videos and documentaries, created a road safety quiz which they presented in a game show style at a school assembly, and they built a model display of a traffic system. That’s a lot of activity, but it’s only the beginning!

They took their initiative out into the community to do some roadside campaigning and to hand out important information on safe driving. They also brought the community into the school by inviting parents to take part in a range of activities like teacher-parent meetings on road safety, interviews with the students that were video recorded, and watching all of the different sketches and performances the students had created for the campaign.

Both students and parents were involved in ongoing activity, with an intensive eight week programme. But road safety in the school won’t come to an end after the eight weeks are over, because the students have established the Road Safety Club to keep the activity going full pace throughout the year!

Such dedication is bound to bring a change in attitudes and behavior among the community, and the memorable campaign message gives everyone something to carry with them as they move about the city: Safe driving. Live and let others live.

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