Success and nothing less !!!

Success and nothing less !!!


Although we live in an historic town with less road safety problems than a large city, the students’ road safety initiatives gave them a life skill they will take with them wherever they go.

The ideas

Our school is not located in a modern bustling metropolis and it is not close to a busy road either. It is off the main road, in a picturesque area on the outskirts of Boryslav, a town with more than 600 years of history.
One would say that road safety is not something we need to discuss with our students on a regular basis because of the school’s location. It might be true that on a ‘regular basis ’, when something becomes regular, it turns into a routine, and a routine is related to duty and can be boring. But later in life our graduates, being among winners of many school subject Olympiads, need to have road safety skills when they leave to further their education in cities with heavy traffic both at home and abroad. They will need this important life skill to move around safely.
Having received the invitation to participate in the project, we got an idea to think of something which would turn into a long term success. Keep in mind that SUCCESS is about
(By putting the capital letters together you get the word SUCCESS)
This is what our task was when thinking about the activities for the project. We did our best not to make the project long and boring. We wanted to get the ideas for the project from high school learners.
The high school learners came up with the following ideas:
• designing flyers with basic road safety rules (SIMPLE)
• conducting interviews during break time in the school yard, picking younger students at random, checking their road safety literacy without the prior revision (UNEXPECTED)
• asking clear, specific questions based on real road accidents in our town and how they could be avoided at a raising awareness of road dangers session with a police officer ( CONCRETE and CREDIBLE )
• giving the younger learners an opportunity to offer activities for the gala event at the project’s completion stage. There was a lot of excitement on the part of the younger learners, as well as the feeling of responsibility about choosing stories to stage, YouTube films, to use as the summary of the road safety rules (EMOTIONAL STORIES)

The initiatives

High school students initiated:
• involving younger school students in the design of road safety flyers and questions for the interview
• letting younger students choose activities for the project’s gala event
•supervising younger students in looking for the appropriate YouTube road safety stories
• inviting police to school with real life, local accident stories
Teachers initiated:
•working on road safety using blended learning techniques as well as flipped classes during the project to make sure that we achieved the optimum use of classroom time, ensuring that our learners were prepared for in depth discussions by watching videos and reading in their own time and at their own pace.

Great teamwork and the students' determination to succeed resulted in a vividly successful output. It is too early to predict how successful the outcomes will be but we believe they will be outstanding, in the long run.

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