Sustainable Mobility

National College Nicolae Bălcescu

We decided to promote sustainable mobility and we created a poster and a magazine to encourage people to walk, ride bicycles and use public transportation. Changing our mobility habits we can make our city more environmentally friendly.

The ideas

 We chose sustainable mobility this year because in 2018-2019 we analized the role of road safety prevention agents and last year we discussed safe streets. It is important for us to know the challenges related to mobility in our city and at the same time to understand how we can contribute to build a small community that respects the principles of sustainability.

We started with a research and we created a survey that we shared via social networks and in google classroom. Completing the questionnaire was on a voluntary basis. The questionnaire was addressed to students of our school aged between 13 to 18. The purpose of this questionnaire was to investigate the perceptions of students about sustainable mobility through 15 questions. We wanted to know if they considered this topic important, how they think it affects our locality, what are the causes, consequences and measures they think that could be taken. 130 students answered but only 115 answers were valid. 54% of respondents were women and 46% men. Only 26% consider the issue of sustainable mobility to be very important and 35% that it is important. Over 54% consider that mobility challenges affect the area in which they live and only 8% consider that they are informed about sustainable mobility. They define mobility using the terms clean, modern, good, children, green, earth, future life, new, change.

The initiatives

 We decided to create a poster and a magazine. The magazine includes articles in which we gave testimonies about different means of transport emphasizing their advantages and disadvantages and the goal was to encourage people to replace the car with cycling, walking, bus, tramway. Our poster aimed to show the evolution of the car and how this evolution should be in the short and long-term: instead of new and modern models of car, we can choose to walk, to cycle and to use the bus or other public means of transport. After completing our materials with our messages, we shared them on social networks and we posted them on the school website and on the high school notice board. Many students expressed their willingness to use the bicycle more and to come to school by public transport!

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