Teaching road signs to primary schools' pupils

Teaching road signs to primary schools' pupils


Access program students from Nakhodka Russia implemented a road safety project involving primary school students, teaching them road safety rules and road signs. Kids had a chance to use their knowledge in practice.

The ideas

We worked on the ideas stage for a month. We learned a lot of material on road safety, risky behaviors, responsible behaviors, preventative actions, circular economy, the future of cars, the future of our cities, street safety, and safety in general. We watched videos and learned road safety rules and signs. We practiced by doing some tests, doing group-work and discussing the hot issues.

The initiatives

During the initiatives stage, we thought about different ways of implementation. There were many ideas but the final one was to make a road safety project for primary students, because we think that they are in the highest risk group on the road.

We then made a plan for the project.
1. Goal: to teach primary students road safety rules and signs.
2. Form of activity: a theory section with a "Road Safety Rules" PowerPoint presentation, group work on road signs followed by a group performance. Practice included road safety games and practice following safety rules.
3. Length of a project: 1½ - 2 hours
4. Equipment: Large paper model cars and model bus; a paper model traffic light; a model crosswalk; a scooter and a football for safety practice; a PowerPoint presentation; coloring papers, crayons and paint for road signs.
5. Space: classroom and hallway.
6. Stages: theory stage in class.
a) Students introduce themselves and set the goals of the project;
b) then they show the “Road Safety Rules” PowerPoint presentation and discussed the rules with the kids.
c) We divided the class into 6 groups with a counselor to collect information about the road signs (one per group); students then had to color signs and work together on the activity in class.

Practice stage in the hall:
Kids were divided into two groups. One group practiced road safety activities where they learned safe behaviors when riding on a bus, walking along the pavement and the road, using crosswalks, following the traffic lights, crossing the street on a bike or a scooter, playing out on the street.
The other group practiced road safety rules in the "Road Safety Corner". This is a special place where all students can learn road safety rules and practice them. The road safety posters are specially designed and printed on large pieces of paper.
Students took turns at the various activities.
7. Reflexion.

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