Tobías and the accidents

Tobías and the accidents

Colegio Guadalupe S.C.

The present project was developed in the form of a short story for children between 6 to 9 years of age. The objective was to educate adults through their children, who have a great interest and concern about their personal health.

The ideas

Our project developed from the observations and experiences we face daily. In particular, we perceived that even though in our city we have traffic regulations that are supposed to maintain order, these are usually not followed by the majority of the citizens.

In our country, many lives are lost due to motor vehicle accidents. Nine out of ten accidents can be prevented according to statistical studies. It is alarming that nowadays alcohol consumption is the second cause of motor vehicle accidents among teenagers, and the use of cell phones is a main cause associated with them.

Among the fault of not obeying traffic regulations, we observed that many drivers do not wear a seatbelt, that some kids stand between the front seats while their parents are driving and others stick their arms or heads out of sunroofs or windows. There are adults who talk on the phone or carry their kids on their legs while driving. Teenagers usually elude the Alchoholímetro (Breathalyzer), which is a project the government took up in order to detect the presence of alcohol in a driver’s bloodstream. They do this by Tweeting the exact locations of police cars and by changing their routes so as not to be detected. Unfortunately, sometimes when teenagers are caught by the police they flee the site, killing or hurting police officers who were only fulfilling their duty.

We came to the conclusion that all this is due to a lack of education, civic culture and awareness. Based on what we have been exposed to, we decided to focus on children. Our idea came when we had the opportunity to observe that kids corrected their parents when they did dangerous things while driving. This led us to believe that children could be the solution by teaching adults and transmitting valuable information.

At first we thought of making a game to call children’s attention, but in the end we realized that with a story it was easier to let our imaginations fly. This would help us raise children’s awareness in order to influence their parents and adults in general, which could help prevent accidents.

The initiatives

Having classified our ideas, we put them into practice.

We focused our story on 6 to 9 year old kids.

The story consists of 3 principal characters: María and Tobías (two children) and Choche, the policeman. Their challenge is to teach what the risks of living in Mexico City are. All of this takes place within the adventure story.

After finishing the story, we presented it with different visual material in order to verify the children’s understanding.

We had a great response. All the girls wanted to participate, and they were anxious to go back to their homes and teach their parents what they had learned.

We gave them a flyer to be delivered to their parents, so that they could see our proposal and become more conscientious citizens.

Last but not least, we pasted different posters with the Tobias image in the primary grades of our school, giving the children advice about safety on the streets.