Plan for the new Housing Societies

Traffic and Housing in Mumbai

Edubridge International School, Mumbai

We decided to work on the topic The Future of Cities. In this area, we decided to work on with the title "Road Safety and the Housing Problems in Mumbai". We realized that the current housing systems in Mumbai are one of the root causes of the traffic problems in Mumbai. We did a study on the problems that are faced by the residents of Mumbai. 

The ideas

India is one of the most densely populated countries in the entire world. Ever since our independence, our population has been increasing drastically and it is affecting the lives of millions, day-by-day. This is primarily a problem for the poor and middle-class parts of society. There are a lot of people also migrating from other countries to come to work here which is not helping the housing problem in any way whatsoever. We have a supply to demand gap that is larger than any other countries right now. We are gaining more people than we are houses, which is terrible because then it is hard for the government to keep sanitation, peace, jobs, economy, and literally every other factor to its maximum capacity. The National Building Organisation (NBO) had estimated that there would be a shortage of over 8.23 million houses in 1991, then 7.57 million in 1997, and then 6.64 million in 2001, and even though it may seem like we are progressing and slowly decreasing the number of shortages of houses in Mumbai, it is still very much evident and its moving so slowly in its development could mean that it will last for a long time, which implies that we have to do something about it right now. We will be creating a house that’s cheap, environmentally friendly, spacious, available,  and has good facilities.

The initiatives

On May 5th, 2019, we conducted a survey of the residents of Mumbai. The survey consisted of 11 questions of which 10 were multiple choice questions, and one was open-ended. Our sample consisted of residents of Mumbai who have bought/rented a house in this city or are looking to do so at present. Our sample size was 30 respondents. 

From the results of this survey we learned that a vast majority of the residents of Mumbai believe that overcrowding is a major issue in Mumbai, and due to this, they have also faced obstacles while looking for a house to buy/rent. Furthermore, they also stated that the major factors that made it difficult to choose a house were because of its layouts, cost, and location. Moreover, almost all of the respondents said that renewable and environment-friendly energy in houses is an important development that they would like to see in houses.

Considering the devastating increases in the global extinction rate, and global warming, which is influenced greatly by human activities, we decided that we would focus on the usage of renewable and environment-friendly energy that we would like to see in Mumbai, amongst other cities, in the future.

We have also made a presentation in the school assembly to all the MYP students.


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