Traffic safety

Colégio Israelita Brasileiro A.Liessin Sholem Aleichem

The number of accidents in transit is very high as a result of the stress in daily life and the lack of responsibility in transit. In our video we address some of the risky behaviors that cause traffic accidents such as distractions, alcohol consumption, the use of the seat belt, passengers' behaviors that interfere with the driver's concentration.

The ideas

We met and discussed several of the major causes of traffic accidents: the lack of seatbelt, the alcohol consumption, the incorrect use of children restraint systems, the passengers’ behaviors, the use of cell phone. We wanted to show the consequences of our dangerous behaviors as road users.

The initiatives

The focus of our project was to alert adults and make them aware of the consequences of not respecting/obeying the traffic laws. We decided to create a video in which we show more than one irresponsible behaviors that we adopt in traffic and that can cause a tragedy. We used digital video, computer and car equipment.

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