What is the Car of the future like?

What is the Car of the future like?


A major problem is pollution from cars, as most vehicles use fossil fuels. We wanted to raise awareness and designed a car to solve this problem.

The ideas

Our school is in León Guanajuato, one of the most populated cities in Mexico.
We started by discussing the issue of pollution in our cities. During the first session, we talked about the traffic jams. There is a lot of traffic here; the number of cars has increased enormously over the last years. Currently there are 523,216 vehicles circulating all over the city. There are lots of cars older than ten years old. Most of the vehicles use fossil fuels such as gasoline; this fact has been one of the causes of the increasing pollution.
There is also a big problem with car robberies. Guanajuato is one of ten states with the most car robberies in Mexico.
We decided to raise awareness about the need to design a car with the best characteristics to avoid polluting the environment and being robbed.
We also wanted a comfortable car with futuristic features such as an aerodynamic line. First we studied the history of the car. Then we prepared a survey about the features people thought a modern car should have to avoid polluting the environment and to be economical as well as comfortable.
So, the research question was: What is the car of the future like?
To include all the English groups, we asked 3 students of each classroom to take the survey.
Then we analyzed statistically their answers to consider our classmates’ opinions.

The initiatives

After selecting the most representative characteristics, we designed a prototype trying to include the best ideas.
Our prototype is a modern and innovative car. It is a hybrid because it works with an electric rechargeable motor that can be charged with solar energy.
It's a smart car with operative software, and an app that connects it to your cellphone so you can control it everywhere you are.
You don't need keys to open it or to turn it on, since you can do these functions with a fingerprint key or with the app on your cellphone. This car has comfortable seats; the backseat is not separated, instead, it is one big seat for four people.
The buckles are inside the seat so they won’t bother you.
It has powerful speakers with the best quality in audio, so you can listen to music without hurting your ears and it has a device that modulates the volume and keeps the car from rumbling. It is also provided with a security system consisting of cameras inside and outside the car and an alarm which is activated in the event of robbery. The system disconnects the ignition, making it impossible to start the car.
The dashboard has Gorilla Glass 5 protection which protects it from scratches.
This car also has an easy access compartment under the seats, which is in addition to the trunk, so it has more space for your stuff.

Finally, we planned an exhibition of the history of the car showing the evolution cars have had from the first car invented to the ones people drive nowadays.
We included the prototype we had designed and we took turns to explain its characteristics. We also invited people to share their thoughts and opinions about the car and write their comments on a piece of cardboard we had stuck on the wall. The idea was to have feedback from them. People made all type of comments, most of them very nice; there were also a few of them saying that this type of cars already existed. However, we felt satisfied with our prototype because it was the result of the suggestions our classmates had made.
We also had a visitor’s book and we invited people to sign it.

Our purpose of raising awareness about protecting the environment, not using fossil fuels and looking for alternative sources of energy had worked!!